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Mission Vision Values

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On July 16th, 2019, David Reese adopted the following Mission/Vision/Value statement by consensus during its Staff Collaborative meeting. Each class will have a copy posted in their classroom.


To provide a learning environment where students understand and can articulate their learning objectives, know where they are academically, set achievable learning goals, provide and accept feedback about their academic and social growth, and see mistakes as opportunities to learn. To provide an environment that recognizes diversity and develops positive relationships with one another.We are a Visible Learning School, which means that our staff will do our best to ensure that every student understands what they are learning and how to be actively involved in what is taught.


David Reese is a place where ALL students are inspired to take ownership for their learning and know that with commitment, they can achieve high levels of academic success. ALL students will build confidence through self-reflection, positive relationships and mutual respect. This shared vision allows us to create resilient lifelong learners who will contribute positively in our diverse world/community.


Connection and participation with FAMILIES
SAFE learning environment
DIVERSITY of our community
HIGHLY trained educators and QUALITY education
Varied LIFE EXPERIENCES that our families bring to David Reese
RELATIONSHIPS cultivated between students, teachers, parents, families, administration and support staff