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Visible Learning School

In 2015, Jenifer Avey and Jack Ferreira made the decision to introduce Visible Learning to David Reese. Two other schools joined us on this journey. After the initial training, our school decided to gather data, do pre and post interviews with students, implement practices with effect sizes, feedback, and data boards. The results and the following videos represent our presentation to all three sites about our findings.

What’s a Good Learner?

We were interesting in seeing how students saw themselves as learners and before we implemented Visible Learning practices. Our findings showed that students equated behaviors vs. sound practices as a measure of a “good” learner.

What Types of Feedback?

As we continued to learn more about John Hattie’s work and the effectiveness of feedback, we also found out what kinds of feedback we practiced and that there better forms of feedback we could use.

How do Students Feel About…?

We wanted to see how students felt about making mistakes. Did they see it as a negative experience? As a result of our findings, could we change the culture surrounding what mistakes actually mean?

Can Effect Sizes Determine Curriculum?

Are Students Aware of Data Boards?

How do students know how they are doing in class currently? Traditionally, getting your report card after the trimester was one way. Visible Learning taught us that having data boards in the classroom to inform students where they are at would guide their goal setting and lead them to ask, “How do I reach my goals?” and “What’s next?”

What’s a Visible Learner? 

After months of implementing Visible learning practices with high effect sizes, would students know what characteristics of a Visible Learner they adopted over this time?
As a result, David Reese found that the results yielded forward movement
  • For our students to become engaged, responsible for their learning through Visible Learning characteristics
  • For our teachers to continue excellence in designing/implementing curriculum using Visible Learning practices
We continue to use Visible Learning practices at our site. Every month, we recognize student achievement celebrating students who exemplify a specific Visible Learning characteristic. Currently, we continue to look for ways to improve upon our implementation through professional development.