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Principal's Corner

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Dream It, Believe It, and Achieve It!
David Reese provides a learning environment that is rich in diversity, rigor, and educational relevance. All aspects of the school contribute to providing our students with the skills they need to be successful learners and leaders in our community and beyond; this is an important focus for our school. Our success in implementing our district’s mission is evidenced through our school’s special strengths, it includes:
  • “Visible Learning” – Having a growth mindset about learning with visible characteristics taught in EVERY classroom
  • Our school-wide focus “Eagle Code” is for students to be SAFE, KIND, and PRODUCTIVE learners in class and around our campus
  • Eagle Academy provides enrichment and academic success
  • SOAR Time (individualized learning groups that focus on target standards)
  • An emphasis on technology in all of our classrooms
The safety of our students is our school’s first priority and the discipline policy are carefully enforced. We emphasize cooperation and promote self-responsibility. Students participate daily in character education programs that promote positive messages and teach responsibility, safety and promote character development. The atmosphere of our school gives students the opportunity to learn in an accepting and comfortable environment.
Family support and involvement continue to be the cornerstone for the success of David Reese. Many families help plan the programs and policies through a variety of committees including the School Site Council and our English Learner Advisory Committee. Parents also volunteer, plan family activities, and chaperone on field trips. We are a community school so family plays a huge role in our success!
In addition, our families support student achievement by reading with their children daily and ensuring regular school attendance. These actions send a clear message that their student’s education is important! Through communicating and partnering together, parents, teachers, and support staff are able to celebrate the success of your children!
We welcome you as partners and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your child’s academic success!
Patrina Baggett, Principal
David Reese Elementary